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Vulnerable Debtor Policy - Treating You Fairly

We always strive to ensure that we have the right balance between enforcement on behalf of our clients and treating you fairly and with compassion. After all, we are all human beings, and we believe that as such everyone has the right to be treated fairly, kindly and with respect.

We all recognise that owing money can be an extremely stressful situation to be in. Our Enforcement Agents and staff are encouraged to build good relationships with you and often go above and beyond their remit by providing you with clear and sound advice.

If you are having difficulties making payment or understanding the process it is very important that you contact us. This does not need to be by phone and can be via email or through a third party as long as we have your permission.

In some instances, your case will be reviewed by us and after liaising with the Creditor, you may be advised to seek the help of one of the many debt charities available to you.

Independent debt advice can be sought from:

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