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Our Team
Simon Williamson - High Court Enforcement Officer
Simon-Williamson Photo.jpg
  • Simon is an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer with over 30 years’ experience in the business.

  • Simon provides the business with expert advice and guidance in the execution of High Court Writs.

David Brason - Managing Director
  • David brings almost 40 years of experience in Insolvency (Corporate & Individuals), Bailiff Law and Company Law.  Whilst previously heading up a 13-office business consultancy, he is now ‘Game Keeper’ turned ‘Poacher’ and is aware of all the ‘tricks’ used to frustrate the system by Debtors.  Perhaps more importantly his skill set dictates that we have additional ‘tools’ in our arsenal when it comes to non-cooperative Debtors.

Annabelle - Manager
  • Annabelle has a wealth of customer service experience together with exceptional administration skills. She heads up our small team of administrative staff ensuring cases are well-managed thus guaranteeing client satisfaction. She also liaises with our Enforcement Agents on a day-to-day basis ensuring that all cases proceed smoothly.

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