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Enforcement of a Tribunal Award
Have an Employment Tribunal Award or ACAS Settlement?

If you have been awarded an Employment Tribunal Award or an ACAS Settlement, we can convert this into a Judgment and enforce in the same way as any other ‘Writ of Control’, except there is no minimum amount that we can recover and there is no ‘Compliance Fee’ payable should we be unsuccessful. The Debtor is responsible for our fees.

The only fee you pay is a £71.00 Court fee, which is wholly refundable upon our success.

Simply complete and return our Employment Tribunal Instruction Form along with a copy of the Award and we will make the application to Court on your behalf.

Our Team will always be happy to discuss your particular circumstances. We are not ‘one size fits all’. Alternatively, you can simply complete an Instruction Form and email or post this directly to us… we are here to help! or telephone 0300 303 3220

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