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Breathing Space

The Debt Respite Scheme [Breathing Space] came into force on 4 May 2021 and gives people with problem debt the right to legal protection from their Creditors for up to 60 days, with most interest and charges frozen and enforcement action halted.


Any Debtor who contacts a Debt Advice Charity can be considered for eligibility and begin the application process.

‘Breathing space’ is not a payment holiday. While we cannot enforce a 'breathing space debt' during a breathing space or charge interest or additional fees on it, a debtor is still legally required to pay their debts and liabilities. During the breathing space, a Debtor should continue to pay any debts and liabilities they owe, and we can continue to accept these payments, including those from existing direct debits.

If there is a ‘Controlled Goods Agreement’ in place and a repayment plan has been agreed you should continue to make payments under that agreement as they fall due. Although no enforcement action may be taken during the moratorium period [60 days] and any time limit within the plan will be extended until 8 weeks after the end of the moratorium period, when that time limit expires, any unpaid instalments may be treated as a breach of the repayment arrangement under the ‘Controlled Goods Agreement’.

We would caution against using one of the many Debt Resolution Companies that charge you or take their costs from the monies collected from you; there are many Debt Charities available to you who perform an identical service free of charge.

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