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Enforcement of a Judgment Debt


We transfer all Judgments to the High Court quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have the most effective form of enforcement throughout the country.



Landlords, Property Management Agents, Solicitors, and Surveyors can issue instructions to us without the need of a Court Order.

Enforcement of a Tribunal Award


If you have been awarded an Employment Tribunal Aware or an ACAS Settlement, we can convert this into a Judgment and enforce in the same way as any other.

Forfeiture of Commercial Lease


Forfeiture of Lease is a procedure whereby a Landlord can take back possession of his property without the need of a Court Order.

Domestic Repossession


In most cases we are able to take possession in under 3 weeks from receipt of the sealed Writ of Possession, which includes serving the Notice of Eviction!

Trespassers & Squatters


If Trespassers are occupying open land, we can assist the Landowner to invoke their Common Law rights to return the land back to the rightful owner.

Tracing Service


Whether you are searching for a Debtor or a long-lost relative, you can trust us to provide you with the expert help needed.

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