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Are we the right enforcement company for you?

High Court Solutions offer a bespoke service where our clients matter and always come first; only the debtor receives more attention than you!

High Court Solutions was the brainchild of David Brason, Paul Bohill, and Nigel Sussman. Our team is now headed by David Brason who brings nearly 40 years of experience in both corporate and individual insolvency. David is the proverbial 'poacher turned gamekeeper' being only too aware of all the tricks used to frustrate the system by debtors. Perhaps more importantly, his skillset dictates that we have additional tools in our arsenal when it comes to evasive debtors!

Our Enforcement Agents are handpicked having the expertise and knowledge necessary, in today's market, to persuade delinquent debtors to pay.

Unlike County Court Bailiffs, our Enforcement Agents are only paid for successful enforcement, which is a great incentive.

So, what have you got to lose?

As long as you have a County Court Judgment or Order in excess of £600, this can be transferred to the High Court for just £71 which would ultimately be collected from the Debtor.

What else do we do?
  • Fast efficient service for the recovery of Commercial Rent Arrears (CRAR)

  • Quick and effective residential evictions at a very competitive price!

  • Forfeiture of a commercial lease

  • Eviction of trespassers from land by Common Law or by Writ of Possession

  • Enforcement of Employment Tribunal awards

  • Affordable address tracing service--no trace no fee!

  • In-house team for legal guidance

  • Specialists in Company Law & Insolvency

  • Fully trained and qualified Enforcement Agents with full office support

Our Team will always be happy to discuss your particular circumstances. We are not ‘one size fits all’. Alternatively, you can simply complete an Instruction Form and email or post this directly to us… we are here to help! or telephone 0300 303 3220



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