Often unknown territory, reality ‘fly on the wall’ documentary “The Sheriffs are Coming” offers a unique, insider perspective on a day in the life of High Court Enforcement Officers (also known as Sheriff’s Officers), as they obtain the money rightfully owed to individuals across the country.

Voted ‘Best Daytime Programme’

First broadcast on BBC One back in March 2012, the show has since achieved the title of ‘Best Daytime Programme’ at the Broadcast Awards this February, 2014. The show also now includes three series, and 39 episodes, ranging from 45 minutes to 60 minutes long.

Featuring the work of ‘The Sheriffs Office’ in Croydon, the programme follows High Court Enforcement Officers during the processes and efforts sometimes required to obtain money from businesses, tradesmen and employers alike, and the often unseen circumstances that both HCEO’s and creditors must face to retrieve the money that is rightfully owed.

From a woman desperate to claim the compensation she’s owed for a tattoo removal that scarred her for life, to faulty car repairs costing one man a fortune, ‘The Sheriffs Office’ shows a unique range of circumstances that High Court Enforcement Officers face, and how the differing personalities they meet deal with the consequences.

Similar to High Court Solutions own show “Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away,” both shows take a ‘the law is on your side approach’ highlighting the difficulties that some individuals face when money is not paid, and how the consequences of this can be stressful and upsetting for these people. The High Court Enforcement Officers featured in both programmes deal with this by enforcing writs of execution, granting them the authority to forcefully obtain money and/or assets from debtors.

In some cases, High Court Enforcers are portrayed as heartless, violent individuals, who take money and assets from ‘poor’ debtors. Shows like ‘The Sheriffs are Coming’ and ‘Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away’ show that in reality, this is not the case, and many businesses, tradesmen and employers who are knowingly in the wrong simply refuse to pay until significant action is taken. For some, the use of HCEO’s or Sheriffs are the only means to an end, and a means to justice when so much stress and upset has been caused by such issues.

The new series of ‘The Sheriffs are Coming’ is now finished, and currently not available to watch on BBC iPlayer, however you can catch up on some of the episodes on YouTube.

Alternatively, if you would like to catch up with “Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away,” you can do so here.

If you require any of High Court Solutions services, such as a HCEO, contact us at High Court Solutions today!

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