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Paul Bohill – As featured on Can’t Pay? We’ll take it away – Channel 5

Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner, part of the High Court Solutions team, have recently starred in Channel 5 series “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!” The series follows individuals on the sharp end of debt repayments, and those whose job it is to collect these payments. The show first aired in February 2014, and features various episodes focusing on differing circumstances, and the problems both debtors and High Court Enforcement Officers face. The show highlights that debt can effect anyone, and brings to light the tricky situations both Paul Bohill; Operations Director and Steve Pinner; High Court Enforcer, deal with on a daily basis.

Paul Bohill is the Operations Director at High Court Solutions, and has over 30 years experience as a High Court Enforcement Officer. As well as high court enforcement, Paul enforces high court writs and writs of possession for repossessing properties and handing them back to their rightful owners. Paul has also been recognised as being one of the most highly-respected high court enforcers in the country.

Paul’s co-worker, Steve Pinner, also has over 30 years experience carrying out enforcement for the Ministry of Justice. Steve provides High Court Solutions with specialist advice regarding high court enforcement, and works with Sheriffs for re-possessions, evictions and high court writs.

The content of each episode ranges from a re-possession of a vehicle in Cheshire where an individual owed several hundreds of pounds, to a home eviction due to totalling debts of over £30,000. The show highlights that debt can happen to anyone, no matter how wealthy they appear to be, and that borrowing should be treated cautiously to avoid unpleasant situations for both the enforcers and the debtors.

The series offers an in-sight into the often disregarded viewpoints of creditors and debt collectors, and the violent abuse, confrontations and lies they must sometimes deal with in order to collect rightfully owed debt. The show reveals what it means to be a creditor who cannot get their money back, and the consequences debtors who are unable to pay back debt must face. Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner also encounter debtors who are able to pay but refuse to do so, and the show explores just what type of person it takes to live in this mindset.

If you would like to catch up on any of the episodes you’ve missed, you can do so on the Channel 5 website.

If you require High Court Enforcement Officers, contact us at High Court Solutions today!

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